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The best among monsooned coffees, Monsooned Malabar AA, is the product of high quality Arabica cherry A grade beans subjected to the process of monsooning.

Standing on a sieve standard of 7.25mm, this clean garbled lot is a cynosure of all eyes for its sheer size, shape and sheen. And in cup, with a body so smooth and full, a pleasant earthy flavour, the acidity toned down- a trait known as mellowness, is any gourmet's delight.

Aspinwall markets its Monsooned Malabar, as Monsooned Malabar Mellows- a tribute to the striking mellowness trait that has been the clinching factor for the breed's success.
aspinwall monsooned malabar aa

  The colonial cousin - similar yet distinct, overgrown yet succinct, Monsooned Robusta AA, is the outcome of the Robusta cherry beans subjected to monsooning. Though of a pedigree less prominent in the hall of fame, this specialty coffee has carved an identity of its own. A touch smaller in size, sticking to a sieve standard of 7.00 mm (screen 18), it is known for its bold and roundish physical traits. The cup reveals a similar smooth, full bodied mellowness but is a tinge heavier that gives it a distinctive punch. aspinwall monsooned robusta aa

aspinwall coffee export india
  Though not of the specialty breed, the monsooning process also churns out a series of by-products that is soft on the palate which can make a big difference to your blends viz. Monsooned Basanally, Monsooned arabica Triage and Monsooned Robusta Triage.
Monsooned Basanally - Outcome of the monsooning of arabica cherry beans, having a minimum 75% by weight standing on a sieve with round holes of 6.5mm (between screen Nos. 16 &17), clean garbled, containing 3% triage.
Monsooned Arabica Triage - Collection of triage elements formed from monsooning arabica cherry beans, 90% by weight standing on a sieve with round holes of 6.00 mm (screen No. 15), containing no more than 3% of blacks/ browns and or bits.
Monsooned Robusta Triage - Triage particles emanating from monsooning of robusta cherry, minimum 75% by weight standing on a sieve with round holes 6.00mm (screen No.15), containing not more than 3% of blacks/ browns and /or bits.
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