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Specialty coffee is basically a quality movement aimed at creating a market segment for coffee that is distinctly different with a focus to translate the high quality into higher premium.
Specialty coffee- as defined by Specialty Coffee Association of Europe
Specialty Coffee is defined as a crafted coffee- based beverage, which is judged by the consumer (in a limited marketplace at a given time) to have a unique quality, a distinct taste and personality different from and superior to, the common coffee beverages offered. The beverage is based on beans that have been grown in an accurately defined area, and which meet the highest standards for green coffee, and for its roasting, storage and brewing.
  Three types of Indian coffees are widely accepted as specialty by importers across the world:
  Monsooned Coffees - A coffee born out of subjecting whole crop cherry coffee beans to moisture laden winds of south west monsoon coupled with a series of manual processing. Monsooned coffees are known for their soft and mellow characteristics that has lured coffee aficionados all over the world. Two most important grade designations in monsooned coffee are Monsooned Malabar AA and Monsooned Robusta AA. aspinwall monsooned coffee
  Mysore Nuggets Extra Bold - Mysore Nuggets represent India's best quality high grown washed arabica A grade coffee having uniform size of 7.5 mm with no defects. The flavor in cup is fine with a delectable hint of mild chocolate or spice, combined with a full aroma and a medium to good body. It is prepared from beans grown in Mysore, Coorg, Baba Budan, Biligiris, Shevaroys. aspinwall mysore nuggets eb
  Robusta Kaapi Royale - These are high grade beans prepared from selected Robusta beans and are the cleanest, boldest washed Robusta, highly rated by tasters with a soft neutral cup. It is prepared from beans grown in Mysore, Coorg, Baba Budan, Biligiris, Shevaroys, Wynad and Pulney region. aspinwall coffee robusta kaapi royale
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