Aspinwall Since 1867

Aspinwall Coffee

Aspinwall Coffee, the Coffee Division of the legendary Aspinwall & Co. Ltd, India, is a trusted and respected name in coffee trading circles globally for more than half a century. 


Curing of raw coffee into clean form for domestic and export sales.

Monsooned coffee

Processing of specialty grade monsooned coffee for export

Premium Quality

Export of commercial, premium and specialty grade Indian coffees.



Pioneers in “Monsooned Malabar Coffee” a GI tagged specialty coffee of India. Biggest & oldest producer cum exporter

A perfect example of the harmonious blending of nature, science and the human touch. It is a process invented by nature and perfected by men.

Monsooned Malabar Coffee

All stories begin with a “Once Upon A Time”…

and so does ours, which begins more than a century ago. Before the invention of faster vessels & the Suez canal, it took more than 6 months for the vessels from Europe to reach India around the cape of Good Hope and their return journey was fully depended on the Monsoon winds of the Indian ocean. This sea journey had made a huge impact on the economy of the world & at the same time to the cargo it carries, especially to the precious Indian coffee that the vessel carried in its hold.

The humidity and the monsoon sea winds combined to cause the coffee in hold to transform from the fresh green to a more aged pale yellow and the beans changed in size, texture, and appearance, the changes were more apparent in cup too. The monsoon sea weather worked its magic on beans making them swell and acquire a texture smooth and soft to the touch. The coffee developed an incredibly complex taste profile which, won connoisseurs the world over.


Coffee curing refers to a series of machine operated and manual operations wherein raw coffee beans brought down from the estate houses are converted to a clean & green form devoid of all husk & parchment cover. Coffee beans are always exported in the cured form.

Coffee Exports

The market norms till the 1990’s restricted the division’s activities mainly to processing of raw and monsooned coffee which had to be subsequently pooled to the government-controlled Coffee Board of India; who marketed the commodity. 


With an experience of over 50 years in coffee trade and an image built on trust and values.


The in-house cupping lab ensures that each lot being exported is cup-tasted and quality checked.


Aspinwall has its own in-house curing facility that ensures complete control over the curing quality.


The premises houses one of the biggest and well-maintained warehouses conforming to standards.