Our Forte

Our Forte

Our Forte

The Coffee Division of the legendary Aspinwall and Company Ltd, India, is a trusted and respected name in coffee trading circles globally for more than a century. From its incorporation since 1867 & towards the end of the 19th century, Aspinwall got connected with several plantations including many coffee plantations which led to supplies of estate goods & exports of plantation products.

Presently the curing works of Aspinwall at this coastal town of India is the oldest, the best and the only one that still continues to operate with vigour. This is an extensive and modernised curing facility with large warehouse which is specially designed for producing Monsooned Coffee ,state-of-the-art equipment’s,  electronic colour sorters, skilled garblers, and a sophisticated cupping laboratory. The company has an infrastructure spread over 7.5 acres of land with 1,85,000 sq. ft. built-up godown facility. The warehouses are well ventilated with tiled roofs so as to preserve the moisture laden coastal wind which acts as the catalysts for the Monsooning process.

The process we follow is truly traditional and  highly labour oriented .The coffee spread on the ground is raked twice a day manually with the help of rakers so as to ensure uniform absorption of moisture and hence uniformity in the cup profile.

Our curing machineries are highly sophisticated which ensures smooth and uniform polishing of the coffee hence resulting in the smooth and shining appearance for the beans.

We are equipped with colour sorters (Buhler and  Spectrum) which facilitates the sorting of the defective beans.

In addition we have around  60 skilled women employees who hand garble the beans to  segregate even the last defective bean which by any chance would have escaped from the sortex. The samples are checked for the physical analysis as well as cupping by a team of 3 qualified cuppers of which one is a Q-grader. The lots after all these process is ready for shipment and is packed in Hydro carbon free jute bags and fumigated before exporting.

Our own inhouse Custom House Agency which ensures high quality of shipping allied services along with timely & safely shipment implementation.