The Final Verdict

Cupping is the process of evaluating the quality nuances of a cup of coffee to unravel intrinsic features like olfaction, gustation, mouthfeel and taint or fault sensations on the palate. It is an organolepic method of tasting which is the sole accepted test for coffee quality evaluation. As coffee is eventually consumed as a beverage, it is the quality parameters in the aromatic liquored form that give the final verdict about the quality of the product. Hence it is of utmost importance for a processor supplying coffee beans to evaluate the quality of his sale by the act of cupping.

Aspinwall & Cupping

The philosophy of continuous improvement for total quality management in our coffee operations has crystallised into a state- of-the art cupping lab.We are proud of a set of professionally trained cup tasters who do the in-house coffee quality evaluation everyday.


The lab with state-of-the-art facilities has all modern equipments required for cup tasting as well as an ambience that suits the discerning connoisseur of coffee.


  • Cupping and quality evaluation of coffee purchased for curing
  • Quality evaluation of coffee undergoing monsooning at various stages
  • Cupping and quality evaluation of export coffee
  • Training program in cup tasting for a select tasting team
  • Quality status documentation