Specialty Coffee

Specialty Coffee

Specialty Coffee

Indian coffee is the most extraordinary of beverages, offering intriguing subtlety and stimulating intensity. India is the only country that grows all of its coffees under shade from the slopes of Western Ghats to Eastern Ghats and even North East, which has resulted in planting of native trees for shade in the barren, slopes and even on the wetlands. Typically mild and not too acidic, these coffees possess an exotic full bodied taste and a fine aroma, unique to its region.

Three types of Indian coffees are widely accepted as specialty by importers across the world:

Mysore Nuggets Extra Bold (MNEB)

These wonderful and exotic coffees are prepared from washed Arabica grown in the traditional growing regions of South India. The beans are very large, uniform bluish-green in color, with a clean polished appearance. In the cup the coffee exhibits full aroma, medium to good body, good acidity and fine flavor, with a hint of spice.

Minimum 90% by weight standing on a sieve with holes of 7.5mm (Screen No 19), medium to well polished, clean garbled.

Robusta Kaapi Royale (RKR)

Prepared from Washed Robusta AB, the beans are bold, round with pointed ends and grey to bluish-grey in colour. The cup ensures full body, soft, smooth and mellow flavour.

Minimum 90% by weight standing on a sieve with holes of 6.7mm (Screen No 17), medium to well polished, clean garbled.

Through our own farmers group, we can offer Single Estate or Single Origin coffee for both Specialty & Premium grade coffees.

We are a certified Rainforest Alliance Producer cum Supply Chain certificate Holders.

Aspinwall are also proud members of Specialty Coffee Association of India (SCAI) and Specialty Coffee Association of Europe (SCAE) rendering yeoman service to enhance quality levels of Indian coffee worldwide.